Single premiere: joelene the country music blog

19 July 2019

Singer-songwriter Camille Trail grew up and still lives on a cattle station in Central Queensland, and it provides the location for the stunning video that accompanies her debut single, ‘Humming Chain’, which has its premiere today.


interview with good call live: CAMILLE TRAIL Releases Debut Single & Video ‘Humming Chain’

22 July 2019

Camille Trail has today released her debut single Humming Chain and its accompanying video. Recorded at Sound Hole Productions with Shane Nicholson, who also produced the track, Humming Chain was written,Trail says, “about black slavery. It’s addressed to those that weren’t affected by it. I felt very honoured to work with Shane too, I’m a long-time fan and he’s the most humble and down-to-earth person.

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interview with amnplify: interview with dave bruce

31 July 2019

You have done well with your debut Camille. Congratulations. You must feel many emotions, relief that it is finished, concern that it gets accepted well. How was the whole experience for you?

Thank you very much. There has definitely been a huge flood of emotions, it’s been a rollercoaster really. I’ve been trying not to put too much pressure on myself since it is my first release…